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Disc Couplings

Lovejoy takes great pride in being able to offer a wide variety of superior disc coupling products in models designed to meet the application needs of today’s worldwide power transmission market. Lovejoy has developed an innovative disc pack profile design revolutionary to traditional disc pack designs found in the market.

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SU-6 Type Industrial Coupling Hubs w/ Keyway - Metric

SX-6 Type Industrial Coupling Hubs - Metric

SXC-6 Type Closed Coupled Industrial Coupling Hubs w/ Keyway - Metric

SU Type (Single Disc Pack)

SX Type (Two Disc Pack)

SXC Type (Close Coupled)

DI-6 Type Drop-In Center Industrial Coupling Standard Hub Bolt Kits - Metric

MD Series - Mini Disc Clamp Style Couplings - Imperial

DI Type (Drop-In Spacer)

Mini Disc Style Couplings, MD, MDS & MDSD Series