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Grid Couplings

Lovejoy is pleased to be able to provide quality grid couplings covering a large number of industry standard sizes and lengths. The Lovejoy grid style coupling has proven itself in performance and popularity over a wide range of applications.

Lovejoy's grid style coupling design has demonstrated its ability to dampen vibration by as much as 30% and can cushion shock loads that could cause damage to both the driving and driven equipment. The tapered grid spring design absorbs impact energy by spreading the energy out over the full length of the grid spring thus reducing the magnitude of the torque spikes.

The Lovejoy design uses a curved hub tooth profile which creates a progressive contact with the flexible grid spring as the application torque increases. This feature provides a more effective and efficient transmission of power in properly aligned couplings.

Lovejoy's versatile design of industry standard hubs and grid springs for both horizontal and vertical cover styles allow Lovejoy couplings to be interchangeable with other industry standard grid couplings and components.

Proper grid coupling installation and maintenance can add to a longer coupling life. Grid spring replacement is simple and can be performed at a fraction of the cost and time of a complete coupling.

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