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Motion Control Couplings

    The Beam, Bellows, and Mini Disc designs all have a single piece construction so only one piece needs to be selected. The GS Curved Jaw, Oldham, Mini-Soft, and Mini Jaw designs have three piece constructions, consisting of two hubs and an insert. When the shaft size of the driver and driven are the same diameter, the hubs will be the same. When the shaft diameters differ, the hubs will differ accordingly.

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ASB Series - Aluminum Single Beam Clamp Style Couplings - Metric

BWC Series - Bellows Clamp Style Couplings - Metric

Curved Jaw Coupling Spiders, GS Series - Metric

Beam Style Couplings (ASB, ES/EC, & ADB Series)

Bellows Style Couplings (BWC & BWLC Series)

Curved Jaw Style Couplings (GS Series)

MD Series - Mini Disc Clamp Style Couplings - Imperial

L Type Hubs

MSF Series - Mini Soft Set Screw Style Coupling Hubs w/o Keyway - Metric

Mini Disc Style Couplings (MD, MDS & MDSD Series)

Miniature Jaw Style Couplings (L Series)

Mini Soft Style Couplings (MSF Series)

MOL Series - Oldham Clamp Style Coupling Hubs w/o Keyway - Metric

Oldham Style Couplings (MOL Series)