C Type Universal Seals ONLY - for Standard Continuous Sleeve Gear Coupling Types (C, CFR, CMM, CSPCR, CSHP, etc)

For use with all Standard Lovejoy Continuous Sleeve Gear coupling types (C, CFR, CMM, CSPCR, CSHP, etc).

Note: Seals are included in Continuous Sleeve Gear Coupling Accessory Kits, and are generally not ordered as a stand alone item.

Unit of Measure



N/A C 3.5 SEAL


N/A Universal Seals

Hub Material

N/A Steel


N/A Metallic

Coupling Type

N/A Gear


N/A 0.28 lb

Complete Coupling Weight

N/A 63.00 lb

Dimensional Data


N/A 9.000 in


N/A 0.500 in

Dimension HL

N/A 12.000 in

Cubic inches

N/A 54.00000 in³

Dimensional Data of Related Coupling

Overall Length

N/A 8.750 in222.25 mm

Outside Diameter

N/A 7.500 in7.50 mm


N/A 3 1/2

Max. Bore (Dimensions ID1/ID2)

N/A 3.630 in97.00 mm

Dimension CBD

N/A 5.500 in139.70 mm

Dimension DC

N/A 0.250 in6.35 mm

Dimension HD

N/A 5.380 in136.65 mm

Dimension HL

N/A 4.250 in107.95 mm

Dimension LS

N/A 4.000 in101.60 mm

Dimension R

N/A 9.250 in234.95 mm

Dimension SL

N/A 2.000 in50.80 mm

Distance between Shaft Ends (Dimension G)

N/A 0.250 in6.35 mm

Distance between Shaft Ends (Dimension G1)

N/A 0.750 in19.05 mm

Performance Data

Normal Temperature Range

N/A -40 to 212 ºF

Performance Data of Related Coupling

Nominal Torque

N/A 88200.00 in·lb

Max. Speed (Unbalanced)

N/A 2800.00 rpm

Parallel Misalignment

N/A 0.012 in

Max. Angular Misalignment

N/A 0.50º per Mesh



  • Simple and inexpensive type of gear coupling
  • All steel sleeves and hubs
  • Reinforced rubber seals with snap rings to hold lubricant in place
  • Available as vertical and horizontal couplings
  • Wide variety of special variations such as full-flex, flex-rigid mill motor
  • Standard configurations are available of the shelf



  • Puller Holes are standard on sizes 4 through 12.
  • Puller Holes are available for sizes 7/8 through 3.5 at an additional charge.
  • The BSE (distance Between Shaft Ends) may vary between G and G1.
  • Interference bores with no set screws are standard unless otherwise specified.
  • Inch bores and keyway tolerances conform to ANSI / AGMA 9002-B04.
  • For metric bores and keyway tolerances, consult Lovejoy Engineering Section.
  • Larger sizes are available, please consult Lovejoy Technical Support.