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Item # 68514439358, Deltaflex Round Hubs with Keyway - Inch (Imperial) Bores

The patented Deltaflex series of couplings offer maximum misalignment capabilities with negligible reactionary load, for longer equipment life. This all-metal flex-link coupling requires no lubrication or other maintenance.

Standard (Type 1, 2, or 2A) Deltaflex coupling are comprised of two hubs, an inner flange (with hardware), and an outer flange. Spacer (Type 3 & 4) Deltaflex coupling are comprised of two hubs, two spacer flanges (with hardware), and a drop out spacer.

Unlike Delta hubs, Round hubs are available in stainless steel (SS). Round hubs can also accommodate a larger max bore, but must always be mounted externally (no internal Type 1 mounting). Standard Round hubs come with two set screws at 120º.

Specifications  · Dimensional Data  · Performance Data  · Coupling Design  · Features  · Notes



50 HUB RND SS 1-1/8 1/4X1/8KW

Hub Style


Coupling Type



Stainless Steel



Bore Type

Finished Bore


2.26 lb

Dimensional Data

Bore Size 

1 1/8 in



Set Screw Thread Size (Dimension T)


Keyway Size (W x D)

1/4 x 1/8 in

Length thru Bore

1.68 in

Min. Bore (Dimension ID)

0.440 in

Max. Bore (Dimension ID)

2.250 in

Dimension BC

3.080 in

Dimension HD

3.560 in

Dimension P

1.998 to 2.000 in
50.749 to 50.800

Dimension Q

0.090 in

Dimension TH (Axial Cap / Screw Tap)

5/16-18 x 0.75

Cubic inches

19.89755 in³

Performance Data

Max. Continuous Torque

1900.00 in·lb

Peak Overload Torque

2850.00 in·lb

Rated HP at 100 rpm

3.00 hp

Rated HP at 875 rpm (Standard Motor)

26.20 hp

Rated HP at 1,150 rpm (Standard Motor)

34.00 hp

Rated HP at 1,750 rpm (Standard Motor)

52.40 hp

Rated HP at 3,500 rpm (Standard Motor)

105.00 hp

Coupling Design
    The Deltaflex coupling is the real solution to installation, misalignment, and performance problems. Conventional couplings – even when carefully aligned to the manufacturer’s specifications – cannot match the low level of vibration, moment of inertia, and additional cushion for future misalignment of a visually aligned Deltaflex coupling.
    In addition, the Deltaflex coupling gives longer life to equipment shaft bearings. That means longer operating time and reduced maintenance cost. The Deltaflex can handle greater shaft misalignment without generating heavy reaction loads on the equipment shaft bearings.
    A properly applied and installed Deltaflex coupling offers more equipment protection compared to conventional couplings.



  • Maximum misalignment capabilities, with negligible reactionary load, for longer equipment bearing life
  • Operates as smoothly when misaligned as when perfectly aligned
  • No lubrication and no maintenance required
  • Equipment can be visually aligned. No special tools are required, which saves on installation time and cost
  • Eliminates premature equipment bearing and seal failure resulting from misalignment forces. This means greater equipment productivity
  • Torsionally stiff coupling with no backlash means it is capable of high speed applications, within catalog ratings
  • Provides long-term performance and economy
  • Available in 5 basic sizes, from 10HP to 900HP
  • Standard all-metal and stainless steel versions are both available from stock
  • Many configurations are available, including shaft-to-shaft, spacer, floating shaft, and special assemblies



  • Size 50: In some bore sizes the tap is 5/8-18.
  • Maximum bores are provided with standard keyway.
  • RSB hubs do not have a keyway.
  • Both Delta hubs and Round hubs are provided with two set screws at 120°.


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Deltaflex Installation Instructions
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