Vertical Pump/Motor Mounts
    Lovejoy Hydraulics Vertical pump/motor mounts are a cost-effective, space-saving solution that allows mounting the pump through the tank lid top or from underneath. The pump and mount assembly is enclosed inside the tank, which is a safe, quiet, compact way of mounting the pump/motor assembly. Vertical mounts are available in NEMA C-Face motor frame sizes from 56C to 256TC for most SAE and Metric 2 and 4 bolt pump flanges. Two mounting options are available to give additional flexibility in Vertical Power Unit Design.
Included Hardware
    A Motor Mount kit and Pump Mount kit is included. Each includes all the required bolts and washers to mount the pump and motor to the pump/ motor mount. The kit does NOT contain hardware required to mount the pump/motor mount to the tank lid top.
Unit of Measure



N/A BHN-182 24-80AB V3 L=6.81

Pump Flange

N/A 80 A2/B4

Frame Size

N/A 182TC - 256TC


N/A Pump Mounting Bracket


N/A Aluminum Alloy


N/A Pump / Motor Mounts


N/A Bracket Only

Type - 2 Bolts (Dimension XBF2)

N/A 3/8-16

Type - 4 Bolts (Dimension XBF4)

N/A 5/16-18

# of Bolts

N/A 2 / 4 Bolts


N/A 8.70 lb

UPC Number

N/A 5230

Vertical Installation #

N/A 3

Mount Type

N/A BHN-182 24-80AB V3 L=6.81

Mounting Style

N/A Vertical



Dimensional Data

XM Face to Face

N/A 6.810 in172.97 mm a1067.jpg

Outside Diameter BD

N/A 11.500 in292.10 mm

Dimension CL

N/A 6.060 in153.92 mm

Pilot Size (Dimension XAK)

N/A 3.150 in80.01 mm

Circle Size - 2 Bolts (Dimension XAJ2)

N/A 4.291 in109.00 mm

Circle Size - 4 Bolts (Dimension XAJ4)

N/A 4.055 in103.00 mm

Motor Bolt Circle Diameter (Dimension AJ

N/A 7.25 in184.15 mm

Motor Bolt Hole Diameter (Dimension BF)

N/A 17/32 in13.49 mm

Motor Pilot Size (Dimension AK)

N/A 8.501 in215.93 mm

Flange Bolt Circle (Dimension XT)

N/A 10.250 in260.35 mm

Flange Bolt Hole (Dimension T)

N/A 17/32 in13.49 mm

Dimension Z

N/A 5.000 in127.00 mm

Cubic inches

N/A 900.62250 in³

Performance Data

Recommended Torque, Grade 5 - Coarse

N/A 82.00 ft·lb

Recommended Torque, Grade 5 - Fine

N/A 91.00 ft·lb

Recommended Torque, Grade 8 - Coarse

N/A 115.00 ft·lb

Recommended Torque, Grade 8 - Fine

N/A 129.00 ft·lb