Needle Bearing (NB) Type
  • Designed with high quality, pre-lubricated, and sealed needle bearings
  • Ideal for applications up to 25° of angular misalignment and speeds up to 6,000 RPM
  • Available in sizes: 6, 8, 10 and 12 (Other sizes are quantity dependent) with your choice of round, hex, splined, or keyway bores
  • Boot retaining grooves are standard. (Boots are available for purchase separately.) 
  • Lubrication is required for optimal wear – boots and lubricant extend universal joint life
Unit of Measure



N/A NB8B UJNT 5/8 3/16KW&SS BE


N/A Universal Joints - NB Type


N/A Steel


N/A Bored


N/A 0.90 lb


N/A Metallic

Bore Type

N/A Finished Bore

Dimensional Data

Bore A & B

N/A 5/8 in



Set Screw Size

N/A 1/4-20

Keyway A & B (W x D)

N/A 3/16 x 3/32 in

Outside Diameter

N/A 1.250 in

Overall Length

N/A 3.75 in

Bore Depth (Dimension C)

N/A 1.060 in

Max. Bore (Dimensions ID1/ID2)

N/A 0.750 in18.00 mm

Main Pin Height (Dimension E)

N/A 1.880 in

Cubic inches

N/A 5.85938 in³

Performance Data

Operating Temperature Range

N/A -30 to 212 ºF

Static Breaking Torque

N/A 2500.00 in·lb

Max. Speed

N/A 6000 rpm

Static Breaking Torque

N/A 2500.00 in-lb

Max. Angle Offset

N/A 25.00 º



  • Static Breaking Torque is not recommended operating torque.
  • Square and hex bore measured across the flats.
  • Maximum operating angle for transmission of power is 25°.
  • For greater angular operation, use double universal joint. Join two universal joints back to back and connect with a short shaft. Attach universal joints to shaft by drilling and pinning.
  • Swing Diameter is the maximum diameter over bearings, clearance must be allowed.