Lovejoy Rigid Sleeve couplings fit the standards of the industry. These couplings, the simplest type, provide a fixed union between two shafts which are precisely aligned. They are suitable for use in joining any two shafts when flexibility is not required, shaft alignment is maintained and proper bearing support is provided. Bore tolerances are -.000/+.002.
Unit of Measure



N/A SC875 CPLG 7/8 3/16X3/32KW&SS


N/A Rigid Coupling


N/A Steel


N/A 1.02 lb


N/A Rigid


N/A Gray/Metallic

Bore Type

N/A Finished Bore

Coupling Type

N/A Rigid

UPC Number

N/A 14338

Dimensional Data

Bore Size 

N/A 7/8 in


N/A SC875

Bolt Size (Dimension T)

N/A 5/16-18 x 5/16

Keyway Size 

N/A 3/16 x 3/32 in

Outside Diameter

N/A 1.75 in

Overall Length

N/A 2.000 in

Dimension SL

N/A 0.500 in12.70 mm

Cubic inches

N/A 6.12500 in³

Performance Data

Normal Temperature Range

N/A -40 to 1000 ºF

Nominal Torque

N/A Determined by Key Stock Material

Max. Speed

N/A 3600.00 rpm