RunRight RT T tensioners are designed for applications requiring very high tensioning forces. They are manufactured with cast iron housings and have a fully welded steel arm and inner square. They are manufactured with standard Tensys™ 10 rubber inserts, and can be used for applications operating within a -40° to 180°F (-40° to 80°C) temperature range.

Unit of Measure



N/A RT T50 Dual Arm Tensioner


N/A Dual Arm Tensioner

UPC Number

N/A 17457

UPC Code

N/A 685144174574

Dimension D

N/A 150 mm

Dimension E

N/A 257 mm

Dimension G

N/A 10 mm

Dimension H

N/A M24

Dimension J1

N/A No Pre-Drilled Hole

Dimension J2

N/A No Pre-Drilled Hole



  • The RT T50 tensioner is supplied with NO HOLES in the arms allowing the customer to attach whatever type idler shaft/bearing arrangement necessary for ther application.
  • Lovejoy can custom machine the arms upon request. Consult factory for quote.