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  • The Cover/Grid Assembly includes all components of the coupling except the hubs and spacers.
  • The terms "Inch" and "Metric" refer to the hardware (bolts, etc.).
  • The "Cover Set" contains the parts of the Cover/Grid Assembly without the grid spring.
  • The "Seal Kit" contains the rubber seals, gasket(s), and lube plugs.
  • "Cover Hardware" includes the fasteners that hold the cover together.
  • Grease packets are included with all Cover Sets and Cover/Grid Assemblies thru coupling size 1090.
Horizontal Cover Style Grid Couplings
Unit of Measure

Item #





Outside Diameter



69790499254 N/A 1190 GRID ONLY N/A 22.150 in N/A 8.200 in N/A 22.150 in N/A 22.150 in562.61 mm N/A Alloy Steel N/A 12.70 lb
69790499255 N/A 1200 GRID ONLY N/A 24.510 in N/A 8.600 in N/A 24.510 in N/A 24.510 in622.55 mm N/A Alloy Steel N/A 12.75 lb
69790405259 N/A 1170 GRID ONLY N/A 18.070 in N/A 7.41 in N/A 18.070 in N/A 18.070 in458.98 mm N/A Alloy Steel N/A 12.60 lb
Unit of Measure