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Sliding "SMB" Type Motor Bases - Imperial

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Adjustable Motor Bases

Sliding and Tilting Bases
    It is necessary to change the distance between the motor and driven shaft in order to change speed with an adjustable center drive. The best way to do this is with an adjustable motor base. Lovejoy offers four basic types of motor bases to satisfy requirements of space, convenience, interchangeability, motor frame size, and economy.
Sliding “SMB” Type

Models: SMB143, SMB184, and SMB254
    SMB motor bases are extremely low profile and made of strong, lightweight steel, plated for protection against rust and corrosion. A folding knurled adjusting handle replaces the common round hand wheel to offer easy speed adjustment with minimum effort and no tools. Adjustable maximum and minimum speed stops are included. The adjusting handle is easily removed for the addition of a sprocket or universal joint to adapt to existing control methods.
    For remote control in hazardous or inconvenient locations, Lovejoy offers electric servo motor controlled bases in the SMB style, both chain-driven (MRC) and direct coupled (ERC). Both types come complete with motor, control, and wiring diagram.

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68514440212 SMB-143 SLIDING MOTOR BASE 15.750 in SMB-143 8.750 in 4.250 in
N/A 5.125 in
68514440213 SMB-184 SLIDING MOTOR BASE 19.500 in SMB-184 10.000 in 5.500 in
N/A 5.188 in
68514440214 SMB-254 SLIDING MOTOR BASE 28.625 in SMB-254 14.000 in 8.500 in
7.500 in
7.125 in
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