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Model M-23 Adjustable Driver Pulleys - Imperial

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Wide Variable Speed Belts

1/3 through 15 HP
      Pulleys in the WB series use wide variable speed belts for the most efficient transmission of torque through the widest possible speed range. These pulleys are two-side moveable for the best possible belt alignment when used with a grooved companion sheave. However, the location of the belt centerline close to the bore end of the pulley reduces the overhung load on motor bearings and seals. Precision-calibrated springs maintain correct pressure, keeping the belt properly tensioned and minimizing belt slip.

      WB pulleys can be used on both adjustable and fixed center drives. They offer maximum service when lubricated through a convenient grease fitting and occasionally run through the speed range.

    Belt Selection

      WB pulleys offer optimum speed ratios because they are used with wide variable speed belts. Pulley flanges are designed to match standard belt angle and width, so each pulley model must be matched to the correct belt to insure full speed range and maximum torque capacity.

    Adjustable Center Drives

      The typical adjustable center drive consists of: the WB pulley mounted on the motor shaft; a grooved companion sheave mounted with a bushing on the driven shaft; an adjustable motor base; and a variable speed belt. A wide range of pulley sizes and horsepower ratings are available from the WB series to fit the system requirements, and Lovejoy offers the correct drive belt, companion sheave, bushing, and motor base to complete the package.

    Fixed Center Drives

      Fixed center, or compound, drives offer greater driven speed ranges in a compact space. A fixed center drive consisting of a WB spring-loaded pulley and an adjustable pulley to match offers the best possible package for “C” mount configurations where zero offset is critical. Zero offset means that the driver and driven units are in line with one another, and the driven pulley is mounted in such a way that the belt rides as close as possible to the driven unit. This reduces overhung load and provides a smoother running drive. Three WB fixed center drive packages are available, from 1/3 through 3 HP.

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Item #


Bore Diameter 

Belt Size

Overall Width

Outside Diameter (Dimension C)

Max. Pitch Diameter (Dimension PD)

Min. Pitch Diameter (Dimension PD)

Overall Length



Motor Power at 1,150 rpm

Motor Power at 1,750 rpm

UPC Number

68514443159 M-23 7/8 PULLEY 7/8 in 2322V 1.810 in 9.500 in 9.250 in 2.130 in 10.380 in 11.5:1 20.00 lb 2 to 3 hp 3 to 5 hp 43159
68514443160 M-23 1" PULLEY 1 in 2322V 1.810 in 9.500 in 9.250 in 2.130 in 10.380 in 11.5:1 20.00 lb 2 to 3 hp 3 to 5 hp 43160
68514442483 M-23 1-1/8 PULLEY 1 1/8 in 2322V 1.810 in 9.500 in 9.250 in 2.130 in 10.380 in 11.5:1 19.25 lb 2 to 3 hp 3 to 5 hp 42483
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1