• A complete Jaw In-Shear coupling is composed of two standard Lovejoy L or C Type hubs (find under Jaw section), a Jaw In-Shear 6 Pin Urethane Element, and a Jaw In-Shear 6 Pin Ring. (Spacers are also available for sizes LS090-CS350.)
  • For highly corrosive, heavy wash down environments, the JIS 6 Pin design combined with Lovejoy’s stainless steel jaw hubs creates a fully stainless steel/urethane coupling.
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Item #




Coupling Size

Ring Material


Coupling Nominal Torque

N/A LS090/095 IN-SHEAR SPDR/RING N/A 0.830 in N/A 2.750 in N/A LS090, LS095 N/A Stainless Steel N/A 0.35 lb N/A 335 in·lb
N/A LS099/100 IN-SHEAR SPDR/RING N/A 1.210 in N/A 3.190 in N/A LS099, LS100 N/A Stainless Steel N/A 0.63 lb N/A 560 in·lb
N/A LS110 IN-SHEAR SPDR/RING N/A 4.000 in N/A 5.00 in N/A LS110 N/A Stainless Steel N/A 0.96 lb N/A 1090.00 in·lb
N/A LS150 IN-SHEAR SPDR/RING N/A 4.690 in N/A 5.440 in N/A LS150 N/A Stainless Steel N/A 1.87 lb N/A 1810.00 in·lb
N/A LS190 IN-SHEAR SPDR/RING N/A 5.500 in N/A 5.820 in N/A LS190 N/A Stainless Steel N/A 1.82 lb N/A 2920.00 in·lb
N/A LS225 IN-SHEAR SPDR/RING N/A 6.130 in N/A 6.300 in N/A LS225 N/A Stainless Steel N/A 2.59 lb N/A 4200.00 in·lb
N/A LS276 IN-SHEAR SPDR/RING N/A 7.41 in N/A 9.430 in N/A LS276 N/A Stainless Steel N/A 5.73 lb N/A 7460.00 in·lb
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