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RunRight™ Tensioning Rollers (Plastic & Aluminum)

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The RunRight™ tensioning roller is primarily used as a back-side belt tensioner. The rollers are available in either plastic or aluminum. The bearings are self-lubricating for longer life. The rollers can be used for applications operating within a -31° to 212°F (-35° to 100°C) temperature range.


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Item #


Idler Bolt Size


Use with Tensioner Size

Roller Idler Number

68514463115 R11 PLASTIC ROLLER IDLER, SE11-M M8 8000 rpm SE11-M R11
68514453028 R15/18 PLASTIC ROLLER IDLER, SE15/18-M M10 8000 rpm SE15/18-M R15/18
68514443023 R27 PLASTIC ROLLER IDLER, SE27-M M12 6000 rpm SE27-M R27
68514457573 R38 PLASTIC ROLLER IDLER, SE38-M M16 5000 rpm SE38-M R38
68514457574 R45/50 PLASTIC ROLLER IDLER, SE45-M M20 4500 rpm SE45-M R45
68514484323 R11-AL ALUMINUM ROLLER IDLER, SE11-M M8 15000 rpm SE11-M R11
68514484324 R15/18-AL ALUMINUM ROLLER IDLER, SE15/18-M M10 15000 rpm SE15/18-M R15/18
68514484325 R27-AL ALUMINUM ROLLER IDLER, SE27-M M12 12000 rpm SE27-M R27
68514484326 R38-AL ALUMINUM ROLLER IDLER, SE38-M M16 10000 rpm SE38-M R38
68514484327 R45/50-AL ALUMINUM ROLLER IDLER, SE45-M M20 8000 rpm SE45-M R45
  Results 1 - 10 of 10 1