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GS Series Elastomeric Spiders

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Measurement and Control Systems
    The torsional stiffness of the GS Series coupling provides zero backlashes needed for the accuracy for measurement and control systems. The low torques of these applications give the GS Series the ability to provide zero backlashes due to the elastomeric pre-stress.
Servo and Positioning Drives
    The GS Series provides a zero backlash, flexible connection for servo and positioning drives. An added benefit of the GS Series is its damping capabilities.
    For applications that have vibrations at critical speeds, the GS Series coupling can provide a zero backlash solution for vibration problems.
Main Spindle Drives
    The GS Series coupling is used in main spindle drives for machine tools. Torque spikes and cyclical loading are handled by the GS Series by damping or by shifting the vibratory frequency range to a non-critical speed range.
The GS Series can be used in a variety of different applications requiring precision and accuracy.

The GS Series spider features a straight center of the spider tooth, providing higher stiffness due to coupling prestress. The crowning of the ends of the spider legs allows for misalignment, while the curved jaws and solid spider center provide high-speed capability.The jaws of the hubs and the spider legs are chamfered to provide easy assembly. The GS Series coupling design also allows the blind assembly in tight spaces. Raised spider dots on the legs of the spider ensure proper spacing of hubs and spider.

Proper installation of the coupling can provide isolation of electrical currents. Check the CL dimension listed on this page to ensure the proper spacing between spiders and hubs.

The GS Series coupling has spiders available in four different shore hardnesses. Each spider offers benefits for different vibratory, environmental, and torque transmission requirements.


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GS Series Installation Instructions
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Item #


Spider Size

Spider Type


Nominal Torque

68514472242 GS 14 SPIDER 64D GREEN 14 64 Shore D Green 141.60 in·lb
68514467248 GS 14 SPIDER 92A YELLOW 14 92 Shore A Yellow 66.40 in·lb
68514467249 GS 14 SPIDER 98A RED 14 98 Shore A Red 110.60 in·lb
68514472244 GS 19 SPIDER 64D GREEN 19 64 Shore D Green 185.90 in·lb
68514467250 GS 19 SPIDER 92A YELLOW 19 92 Shore A Yellow 88.50 in·lb
68514467251 GS 19 SPIDER 98A RED 19 98 Shore A Red 150.50 in·lb
68514472245 GS 24 SPIDER 64D GREEN 24 64 Shore D Green 663.80 in·lb
68514467252 GS 24 SPIDER 92A YELLOW 24 92 Shore A Yellow 309.80 in·lb
68514467253 GS 24 SPIDER 98A RED 24 98 Shore A Red 531.00 in·lb
68514472246 GS 28 SPIDER 64D GREEN 28 64 Shore D Green 1770.00 in·lb
68514467254 GS 28 SPIDER 92A YELLOW 28 92 Shore A Yellow 840.80 in·lb
68514467255 GS 28 SPIDER 98A RED 28 98 Shore A Red 1416.00 in·lb
68514472247 GS 38 SPIDER 64D GREEN 38 64 Shore D Green 3584.00 in·lb
68514467256 GS 38 SPIDER 92A YELLOW 38 92 Shore A Yellow 1681.00 in·lb
68514467257 GS 38 SPIDER 98A RED 38 98 Shore A Red 2876.00 in·lb
68514472248 GS 42 SPIDER 64D GREEN 42 64 Shore D Green 4956.00 in·lb
68514467258 GS 42 SPIDER 92A YELLOW 42 92 Shore A Yellow 2345.00 in·lb
68514467259 GS 42 SPIDER 98A RED 42 98 Shore A Red 3982.00 in·lb
68514472249 GS 48 SPIDER 64D GREEN 48 64 Shore D Green 5798.00 in·lb
68514467260 GS 48 SPIDER 92A YELLOW 48 92 Shore A Yellow 2743.00 in·lb
68514467261 GS 48 SPIDER 98A RED 48 98 Shore A Red 4646.00 in·lb
68514472252 GS 55 SPIDER 64D GREEN 55 64 Shore D Green 7301.00 in·lb
68514472250 GS 55 SPIDER 92A YELLOW 55 92 Shore A Yellow 3628.00 in·lb
68514472251 GS 55 SPIDER 98A RED 55 98 Shore A Red 6062.00 in·lb
  Results 1 - 24 of 24 1