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LF Series Hardware (Bolts)

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    The LF Series coupling is designed with a unique and highly versatile elastomeric element. These can be easily integrated into a variety of coupling configurations to meet several application needs. LF Style elements are available in a variety of materials to match the necessary coupling dampening characteristics for tuning the systems critical speed away from the application operating speed.

    The element can be connected axially to a flywheel adapter plate or flanged hub and radially to a cylindrical center hub using the appropriate bolts. Axial bolt styles include either socket head bolts with a special dry adhesive, or S-Style bolts, which are similar to dowel pins (seen picture below). The radial bolts are used to connect the element to the cylindrical hub. This unique design is remarkably simple, highly effective and gives the LF torsional coupling unmatched performance capabilities. The coupling selection should be verified with a Torsional Vibration Analysis (TVA) of the system.


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LF Installation Instructions - Hytrel
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LF Installation Instructions - Model 6
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LF Installation Instructions - Models 1, 2, & 3
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Coupling Size

Bore Type


68514450026 LF1 SET OF BOLTS M6 LF1 Hardware Set of Bolts
68514450027 LF2 SET OF BOLTS M8 LF2 Hardware Set of Bolts
68514450028 LF4 SET OF BOLTS M8 LF4 Hardware Set of Bolts
68514450029 LF8 SET OF BOLTS M10 LF8 Hardware Set of Bolts
68514450030 LF12 SET OF BOLTS M10 LF12 Hardware Set of Bolts
68514450031 LF16 SET OF BOLTS M12 LF16 Hardware Set of Bolts
68514450032 LF22 SET OF BOLTS M12 LF22 Hardware Set of Bolts
68514450033 LF25 SET OF BOLTS M14 LF25 Hardware Set of Bolts
68514450034 LF28 SET OF BOLTS M14 LF28 Hardware Set of Bolts
68514450035 LF30 SET OF BOLTS M16 LF30 Hardware Set of Bolts
68514450036 LF50 SET OF BOLTS M16 LF50 Hardware Set of Bolts
68514450037 LF80 SET OF BOLTS M16 LF80 Hardware Set of Bolts
68514450038 LF90 SET OF BOLTS M20 LF90 Hardware Set of Bolts
68514450039 LF140 SET OF BOLTS M20 LF140 Hardware Set of Bolts
68514450040 LF250 SET OF BOLTS M20 LF250 Hardware Set of Bolts
  Results 1 - 15 of 15 1