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Hexact Electric Control Adjustable Pulleys - Imperial

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Hexadrive Series
Fixed Center Distance

Adjustable Pulley Control Options
    There are two additional variations of the standard “HM” Hexadrive adjustable pulley, giving the option of speed change by electric remote control or by using an external linear actuator. Either method offers convenience and safety in those situations where the pulley drive is inaccessible or in a hazardous location.
Hexact Electric Control Method
    The Hexact Electric Control, or “HEC” pulley, operates in the same manner as the standard “HM” adjustable pulley, except the hand wheel is replaced by a servo motor drive that opens and closes the pulley flanges. A separate control station, the Model CN-2601, is wired to the HEC pulley servo motor to provide speed adjustment from a remote location. The switch that is part of the CN-2601 control is a three-position toggle switch suitable for panel mounting. A wiring diagram is included, and the user must provide wires and a 110-volt power source for the servo motor. The CN-2601 Control must be ordered separately, and a Model 501 Torque Arm Bracket is also required.

    All adjustable pulleys in our Hexadrive series, including the M-007, are available with the electric control option. When ordering, simply substitute HEC for M or HM. For example, the Model HM-3 manually adjustable pulley has the same drive characteristics as the Model HEC-3 electrically adjustable pulley. The only dimension differences are the overall length of the pulley and the torque arm.

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Item #


Bore Diameter 

Belt Size

Outside Diameter (Dimension C)

Overall Length



68514437048 HEC-007 5/8 PULLEY 5/8 in 2926V 6.000 in 7.000 in 8.7 11.00 lb
68514442931 HEC-007 1/2 PULLEY W/O KW 1/2 in 2926V 6.000 in 7.000 in 8.7 11.00 lb
68514442932 HEC-007 3/4 PULLEY 3/4 in 2926V 6.000 in 7.000 in 8.7 11.00 lb
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1